I Wish I got to “Choose” my Punishment more often

I distinctly remember, when I was in kindergarten, in the Atlanta Georgia suburbs, in the early/mid 1980s, that I was given a CHOICE between two punishments. I had mouthed off to my bus driver. I had said something that for, back then, passed for very rude. Another friend of mine was involved too, btw. I was first called into my parents room and scolded, after my parents read the letter that was sent home. My parents had been talking and I distinctly heard phrases like: “…give him… a spanking… he deserves… over the knee… tan his hide… teach him… a lesson…” and things like that. So I KNEW what was coming. I felt a tingling in my bad boy parts (I always did, as per my nascent spanking fetish, which was well under way, developing more and more) as I hesitantly climbed the stairs and entered daddy’s master bedroom through the door, which was ajar. . .

Perhaps I will describe the spanking later but after my pants and undies down around my ankles corner time, I was given a choice concerning the second part of my punishment:
Either a 1) MOUTH-SOAPING or
2) being grounded from going to the last roller skating party of the year.

Having just experienced corporal punishment mere minutes ago, I chose option 2!!